Why am I blogging?

I had a blog earlier on WordPress as Chandleur.com. I somehow lost that name to the Internet God of Small Things. So, now, I am back with Chandleur.in !

I am going to post a lot of my photographs here, usually of clouds, sunrises and the moon. I also want to shout from the rooftops about the environment. It is our greed for more and more that has led to corporate giants burning industrial fuel and raising global temperatures. 

Nature is a strict taskmaster and will take its course if we do not behave. 

We have to stop heavy mining, coal burning, travel fuel in aeroplanes and cars and buses and trains. We have to consume less plastic; do heavy recycling; carry a cloth bag for our grocery shopping; cycle small distances or walk.

The Olympic slogan, Higher, Faster. Stronger is not going to work forever. It ignores the common man who cannot for various reasons go higher, faster or become stronger.

It is inevitable we will have to go back to simple hand driven machines or foot operated robotic help.

I am going to review the books that I read and sneakily put in recommendations for a few of my ebooks.


By chanderoo

I am a writer and an amateur photographer. I love capturing sunrises and cloud formations on my old Fuji camera. I have written a number of books including books for children and they are all available on amazon.in and amazon.com! I also love to listen to new and old music; I can play some nasty chords on my guitar. I have lost my singing voice but I do badger the neighborhood with some of my singing!

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