22-12-22 A journal entry!

An auspicious day to begin a diary with the date having almost all the 2’s.

Remarkable sunny day which suddenly turned foggy as the Sun rose in the sky.

The storm of the football World Cup has died down and it is great to learn that a new word has been added to the Spanish dictionary because of the magic of Messi it is to do something with elan-“Inmessionate!”

Vladimir Zelensky’s address to US Congress and his Press conference with President Biden were really the highlights of the day.

The fear of Covid in the form of BF.7 Omicron has arrived in India with two incidents in Gujarat and one in Odisha. God have mercy on us.

Masks will be back and RTPCR tests have become mandatory for admission to hospitals in Chandigarh.

Rahul Gandhi’s beard has grown to enormous proportions along with the crowds following him but faith in Congress has been lost because of the power staying within one family. Let us see what comes out of this.

By chanderoo

I am a writer and an amateur photographer. I love capturing sunrises and cloud formations on my old Fuji camera. I have written a number of books including books for children and they are all available on amazon.in and amazon.com! I also love to listen to new and old music; I can play some nasty chords on my guitar. I have lost my singing voice but I do badger the neighborhood with some of my singing!

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